Accounts Receivable & Billing Training


Course Description

Learn accounts receivable best practices and have the opportunity to log in to PeopleSoft to gain hands-on experience using the University’s accounts receivable and billing system called AR/BI. Sessions will be offered in a computer lab and taught by AR/BI experts.

Topics covered include:

  • Creating Invoices
  • Requesting New Customers
  • Performing System Set Up
  • Creating Bill Adjustments
  • Managing Credit Processes
  • And more...

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Training resources before you gain end user access.

Test System - to test entering invoices and issuing credits


End User Manuals - training guide, tutorial, and quick reference guide for end users and a training guide for core users

Practice Test - complete this test to prepare yourself for the actual AR/BI end user test.

FAQ's - Frequently asked AR/BI Questions

Training resources after you have gained end user access.

ARBI Credits and Adjustments

Quick Reference Guides - these contain the same info found in the end user guide but these are specific to what exact information you are looking for

Navigation and Inquiry Quick Reference Guide - a document that contains PeopleSoft navigation for everything you need to access in PeopleSoft for AR/BI

Queries - useful AR/BI queries for end users

Customer Naming Conventions - when searching for vendors or customers by name you MUST use these naming conventions

Sample Customer Request Form - to access the customer request form, in Outlook 2007 please click “File” -> scroll over “New” -> click “Choose Form” then highlight the form titled “UM Customer Request Form” and click “Open.” Fill the form out with the appropriate information and then email the form to MU ACCTG ACCT REC

To access the customer request form in Outlook 2010, from the "Home tab", under the "New" section of the toolbar click on "New Items", click on "More Items", click "Choose Form", click "UM Customer Request Form". Fill the form out with the appropriate information and then email the form to MU ACCTG ACCT REC