ARBI Writeoffs

An invoice would be written off if it remains unpaid after it becomes 180 days past due. The customer would automatically be sent 3 notices of past due invoices. They receive one after 30 days, 60 days and 90 days. You can and should monitor your customers accounts by reviewing your aging report to make sure that they have received the invoice and that they are aware of the past due accounts.

An aging report is a list of invoices you have entered that have not been paid and have become past due. How to review your aging report from Search Options in MIS Web Apps. Please note that if you have no open invoices then the aging report pulls the last report that did have an open item. So if the report does not have the date of the previous Friday from when you processed your aging report then please ignore the results because you have no open invoices.

After reviewing your aging report and you wish to request to delay A/R write-off then please submit the correct Outlook form to accounting. To access the Outlook 2007 form click “File” and then scroll over “New” and then lastly click “Choose Form.” Select “UM Request to Delay AR Write-Off” and then click “Open.” Fill the form out completely and send the form to Olga Jurkevich. If approved, the invoice write-off will be delayed for one month only.

To access the delay write-off request form in Outlook 2010, from the "Home tab", under the "New" section of the toolbar click on "New Items", click on "More Items", click "Choose Form", click "UM Request to Delay AR Write-Off". Fill the form out with the appropriate information and then email the form to MU ACCTG ACCT REC

NOTE: A new form must be submitted and approved if additional one-month write-off extensions are required. If not approved, the write-off will be performed by the end of the current month.

Sample Request to Delay AR Write-Off form