Form Used For Help
Accounting Recurring Voucher Detail UM 353 Submit to Accounting after entering a recurring voucher in People Soft Accounting Services
Employee Moving Expense Reimbursement Request & Summary Form

2015 Move

This form is used to summaraize all expenses involved for moving. Once completed it is to be attached as back up documentation to an Expense Report requesting reimbursement. The information will be routed electronically through the T&E system for review and approval by Accounting Services. See BPPM 2:230 Moving Expenses & HR 103 Moving Expenses Cyndie Parks 882-5459
eProcurement Security Form This form is required to add new access, transfer between depts, or remove access. Training is available online 24/7 via tutorials and manuals, or through monthly classes and webinars. NOTE: To change existing Requester's defaults, please contact the Finance Support Center. Krista Young (816) 235-6299
Express Check Request Form To receive a check for your voucher before the next payment cycle MU ACCTG
Foreign Travel Checklist To keep track of all documentation required for foreign travel Accounting Services
Foreign Travel Expense Detail To track daily expenses when travel is longer than 7 days. For more information refer to Foreign Travel Directions Accounting Services
Forms Index Reference of forms with the URL link listed at the top of the document See websites

Gift Cards-Approval Form

Gift Cards-Instructions

Document gift card program in accordance with BPM 220 and BPPM 2:275. MUST be attached to the requisition in Show-Me Shop or used to request exception from using Show-Me Shop. MU ACCTG Payment Method Approval
Gift Card Log and Receipts Document the gift cards held by the Custodian in accordance with BPM 220. The log must be remitted to Campus Accounting Office quarterly or more frequent basis. MU ACCTG Payment Method Approval
Independent Contractor Checklist Form is used to determine if payment should be made as an indepdenent contractor or an employee Lisa Wimmenauer 882-7254

Non-Employee Trip Expense Detail

2016 Travel


Travel - Mileage Log Daily Expense Detail

2016 Travel

To request non-employee reimbursement for travel expenses. Completion Instructions
Non-Payroll Direct Deposit Form Used to set up suppliers to receive ACH direct deposit instead of a check. Note: Employee reimbursements are automatically deposited into the same bank account as their payroll. MU ACCTG
Organizational Tree Changes

VC Designee

Adobe Form

Word Form

To request a change in Organization Tree of Division/Departments.

Jen Green


Outlook Forms A variety of forms for Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable/Billing, and Vendor Requests Accounting Services

Payroll Recon PDF

Payroll Recon Alternate PDF

Payroll Recon Template Excel

Payroll Reconciliation guides and template for documenting the monthly reconciliation between Time & Labor and PeopleSoft Jen Green
Transfer of Custodianship

Petty Cash Request Form

To transfer petty cash custodianship - BPPM 2:120

To request a new petty cash or change fund - BPPM 2:120

Danelle Hassler
Request for Service Operation or Unrestricted Other Chartfield To request a new Service Operation or Unrestricted Other Chartfield String - MU Service Center Manual

Danelle Hassler

Ticket Reconciliation To reconcile tickets sold for an event - BPPM 1:035  

Mileage Log for travel on or after


To request reimbursement for travel expenses. Used to track daily mileage. Completion Instructions
Wire Transfer Form UM 22 To request payment to be made via a wire transfer through Accts Payable. Form must be attached to AP voucher. Accounting Services

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