Financial Guides

Capital Acct vs. Non-Capital Acct

Useful to those who prepare entries either through Accounts Payable or the PS Journal Entry systems related to Equipment or Facility Improvements. Learn what criteria need to be met before an item qualifies as ‘Capital'.

Finance Information List

“How-To” for subscribing/unsubscribing to the email Listserv for MU PS Finance users. Subscribe to the Finance Information List

Feeder Information

List of Feeder Source Codes, Descriptions, contact names, telephone #, and Dept. Name. Anyone who has a need to contact a feeder for additional information related to a General Ledger entry from one of these source codes. Feeder Information

Human Resources

PeopleSoft Query & Reporting -Link to this page to access HR query resources.


PeopleSoft Chartfield Overview – Link to the Controller's Office Financial Information Services page where a Summary overview of the General Ledger (GL) and the relationship of the PeopleSoft (PS) GL ChartFields that comprise the Chart of Accounts (COA) may be found. Other misc. PS financial information may also be found at this site.

PS Table Compares for 7.5 to 8.8 – List of PeopleSoft tables that may be accessed for query/ad hoc reporting. Lists the previous version 7.5 and any changes that were made with the upgrade to 8.8. Users would be those with PS Query Manager access to write their own queries.

PS Financial Queries – Excel spreadsheet that lists General Ledger, ARBI, AP-NONPO, AP-PO and Budget Public Query Names, their primary function, a short description/purpose, and how they run. Anyone with PS Query Manager or PS Query Viewer would find this useful if looking for a quick query to run and find needed information.

PS Chartfields and Accounts

Requesting a New Chartfield or MOCODE

Transfer Acct

Useful to those who have Transfer Journal Entry (TRE) access in WEB Apps/PS Journal Entry, guides to allow ability of transfers between various funds and the appropriate account to use if the transfer is allowable.